Benefits of Colour Analysis

 Look and Feel Great


Wearing your best colour will make you look and feel great.  The impact of wearing the correct colors has an large number of confidence boosting and appearance boosting benefits, from brightening and smoothing out your skintone, to enhancing your eye color, to making you look younger, healthier and slimmer

 Discover all the great reasons to get acquainted with your best colours

Save Time by Shopping More Efficiently

A colour analysis will enable you to confidently identify the colors that work for you quickly and effortlessly, which can makes shopping faster and much more efficient. With your colour swatches, you'll be able to determine whether an item works for you immediately without trial and error, or the need to spend  countless hours trying on different items on to determine whether or not they work for you. 

Discover the colours that make you look and feel great

Expand your Options (and make the most of what you've got)

Knowing what palette of colors to shop for will expand your clothing options by enabling you to make the most out of the clothing that you already have, as well as the new clothing that you purchase. Because all of the colors in your seasonal color palette have the same undertone, and a similar level of depth and clarity, each of the individual colors in your season will coordinate easily with each other, and this can exponentially increase the number of outfit options that you have to work with. 

Save money by investing in items that work great for you


  Having the tools to ensure that you also make the correct purchases can translate into lot of money over time. The majority of people acquire items that they do not wear due to the colors not being optimal for them. While the cost of clothing, cosmetics,  and other items that do not end up getting used accrue over time, a colour analysis is a once in a lifetime investment which helps to ensure that you invest in items that work for you, and that you use,  and that's money well spent.

Discover new colours that you’ll love to wear

If you have had the tendency to stick to wearing a limited number of colours, you may have been passing out on the opportunity to discover brand new colours that also look fabulous on you. Colour analysis can make you aware of new colours that work great for you that you may have not even tried.  

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