Colour analysis approaches have evolved greatly over the last several decades. From four seasons colour typing, to 12 seasons colour typing, to 16 seasons colour typing, and beyond,  each step in the evolution of color analysis theory and practice has led to the development of significantly more accurate and refined methods of classifying human colouring. 

 Our Approach to Colour

16 Seasons Colour Analysis

Colour analysis has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years due to the development of more expanded colors classification systems that are able to colour classify individuals with a higher degree of accuracy then earlier methods of color analysis. In our practice, we have adopted the 16 seasons approach to analysis developed by the International Image Institute in Canada.  This colour system utilizes 4 seasonal palettes for each of the basic seasonal tones of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter for a total of 16 different seasonal color types, and incorporates a range of neutral, cool and warm colour categories. Our experience of working with hundreds of clients and applying this typing approach successfully in both in person as well as online color consultations has  demonstrated the efficacy of this approach and we believe that as far as seasonal analysis goes, that this system is the best of the best.  

Making the Best Even Better

At Unique to You Colour, we have expanded upon the precision of the 16 seasons color analysis approach through personalization of individual palettes to bring the greatest degree of colour accuracy possible. No matter what season or color type you are in any colour analysis system, your individual colour attributes will still mean that your personal best colors within your top season will be as unique as you are. No two people of the same season will wear the same color in exactly the same way. This is due to the fact that the appearance of individual colours, even those within the same season, are influenced by the specific color context produced by your individual skin, eye, and hair colours.

A Seasonal Swatch Book As Individual as You Are

Most seasonal colour consultants identify an individual’s seasonal tone and provide them with a standard swatch book of colours which represent that season.  In our consultations, we identify your best colors using hundreds of seasonal color drapes that have matching colour swatches. In this highly refined process, we identify your season, your best individual colours within that particular season, as well as provide you with those specific colours in a fully customized swatch book. Because each and every color in your palette has been tested individually, you can have complete confidence that every colour you choose for yourself from your personalized swatch book will be absolutely perfect for you. 

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