Cool  -  Bright  -  Dark  -  Contrasted  - Vibrant

True Winter

The True Winter palette is cool and clear, and contains a wide range of colours ranging from icy light to very dark. Colours that common to this palette include:  magenta, cobalt blue, royal purple, bright blue red,  black, and pure white.

Individuals who fall into this season will most commonly have cool toned hair ranging from medium-dark to black ,  a cool brown or clear cool and light eye colour, and cool toned skin ranging from light to dark. 

Celebrity Example: Victoria Justice

Cool Winter

Cool Winter colours are cool-toned, moderately bright and medium to moderately deep. Colours that are common to this palette include charcoal, magenta, navy, wine, deep blue green and cranberry. Individuals who fall into this season will most commonly have medium-dark to dark brown hair, a cool dark eye color and cool toned skin that ranges in depth from light to dark

Celebrity Example: Jaimie Alexander, Nina Dobrev

Deep Winter

The Deep Winter palette is neutral to cool, moderately clear to clear, and predominantly dark. Colours that are common to this palette include wine, burgundy, deep plum, deep navy, deep spruce, and black. Individuals who fall into this palette will most frequently have a deep eye colour and a very dark hair colour with a skin tone that ranges in lightness from light to dark.

Celebrity Examples: Anne Hathaway, Kim Kardashian

Clear Winter

The Clear Winter palette is neutral to cool, very clear with colours ranging from icy to dark. Colours common to this palette include cobalt blue, true red, Chinese blue, and lemon yellow and emerald green. Individuals who fall into this palette will often a clear light, or very deep eye colour, dark hair, and skin ranging in depth from light to medium.

Celebrity Example: Megan Fox, Kerry Washington

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