If you are unsure of whether a colour is working for you or not, all you need to do is to look at your skin.

The right colours have a number of positive effects on the colour, tone, and clarity of the skin. Additionally, they also produce a number of other salient visual effects. Below is a quick check list of signs that you can use to identify whether a color works or doesn’t.

1.) Great colours make the skin glow

A colour that is compatible with the skin will reflect more light onto the skin, making it appear brighter and more radiant. In the correct colours, the skin can often appear to look like it is “lit up” from underneath.

2.) Great colours impart a healthy colour to your skin

Great colours will bring out a healthy colour and tone out of the skin, whereas colours that are not optimal can make the skin appear excessively red, yellow, blue, grey, or even green.

3.) Great colours give the skin more color

In addition to giving the skin a healthy tone, the right colours also increase the amount of colour in the skin. Colours that are incompatible with the skin can make the skin appear pale or washed out.

4.) Great colours even out the colour of the skin

The right colours make the skin look even and uniform in colour by minimizing the look of skin discolorations, such as excess redness, as well as the look of shadowing and dark areas (such as under the eyes).

5.) Great colours smooth out the surface of the skin

The right colours have an air-brushing and smoothing effect on the skin similar to the effect of a foundation primer. The correct colours minimize and “blur” the appearance of any surface texture irregularities such as large pores, dry patches, or wrinkles on the skin.

6.) Great colours “lift” the skin

The correct colours can dramatically reduce the look of the signs of aging by creating the appearance of a “visual lift” to the skin. Colours that are compatible with the skin reflect light onto the skin which can make the darker areas of the face (particularly those associated with aging such as the area under the eyes, and the areas around the nose and jawline) to appear lighter, brighter, and less deep

7.) Great colours make you look slimmer.

Colour has an effect on the visual appearance of proportions. In the correct colours, the parameters between a colour and the skin will obtain greater definition. Specifically, when a person is wearing colour which works, the edges of the colour and the skin will be more distinct, which can make the face appear to be slimmer. In the wrong colours, the parameters between skin and colour become blurred, often creating the illusion of a visual “expansion”, where the bottom half of the face and the cheeks may appear to be larger than they what they actually are.

8.) Great colours enhance the colour of the eyes

The right colours will enhance the colours of the eyes, and make the eyes appear brighter and more defined. Both the eye colour as well as the whites of the eyes will appear brighter in the correct colors.

9.) Great colours enhance the colour of your natural (or coloured hair)

The correct colours will make enhance the colour of the hair by enhancing the overall tone of the hair, as well as the colour of the highlights in the hair.

10.) Great colours make the teeth appear whiter.

Great colors enhance and darken the natural colour of the lips which can make the teeth appear to be whiter and brighter.