Q: Is it possible to have blue eyes and be an Autumn?

A: Yes, absolutely. Almost any season can have any eye colour. When it comes to Autumn, blue eyes tend to show up in Warm Autumns and Soft Autumns most frequently. Blue eyes tend to be less common in True and Deep Autumns, but they do occur at times as well.

Q: Did you add some new colours to your palettes recently?

A: Yes, I periodically update my seasonal swatch books with new shades. Due to the fact that I use fabrics for my swatches, I replace colours as I run out of the fabric stock for a particular colour. When I have new colours available, clients who already have one of my swatch books can purchase individual colour swatches of the new colours to add to their existing swatch books.

Q: Are there any season’s that are more “difficult to type” then others?

A: While there are no specific seasons that are more difficult to type per se, although there are two factors that can prolong the time necessary to type some clients and these factors include the degree of skin reactivity that a client has, and to a much lesser extent, whether the client is a neutral season (ie whether the undertone of their skin is somewhere close to the midline in terms of warmth and coolness).

Skin reactivity refers to the degree of responsiveness of someone’s skin to colour. Most client clients that I see (about 85%), will show overt skin responses to colour. On these clients, the colour effects in draping can be really dramatic, and as a result, these clients tend to be easy type., (As a matter of fact, most of the client that I see I analyzed in less than an hour- and I currently work with 300 test drapes in my collection).

Within any season, there are people who can have a lower degree of skin reality, however, it tends to show up at a higher rate in some Soft seasons. These people often have a matte, opaque skintone that tends to show more subtle colour effect. In addition, these people are also more neutral in their undertones and as a result, they may sometimes take longer to type.

Q: What shades of gray can True Spring wear? I’m still iffy on that, considering many grays can be consider Summer tones from what I’ve heard.

A: The greys that could work for true spring would be a dove greys that has some yellow, slightly browned greys, or a greys with an olive tinge to them. Greys that contain any visible blue, purple, or pink tones should be avoided as they will be too cool.

I always tell my Spring clients to pair greys with brighter, warmer tones for best effect. Greys in general can be tricky for True Springs due to the fact that almost any version of grey (warmer or cooler) is still fairly muted. Second, in terms of undertone, even “warm” greys are still more neutral in undertone