Seasonal Colour Analysis Consultation

This 1.5 – 2 hour color analysis session identifies your “wow” colors for clothing, cosmetics, hair color, jewelry, and accessories by determining your undertone, season, and seasonal colour type out of 16 different colour categories. This colour session includes:


  • A review of hundreds of individual colours classified into different categories to determine your personal “wow” colours and your unique colour type (or “season”) 
  • Recommendations for the best makeup and hair colours for your seasonal colour type 
  • A beautiful 45 colour swatch book of your best colours

$180.00 CAD (inclusive of HST)

Autumn sunset

Advanced Colour Analysis Consultation – Online

A colour analysis session specially designed for distance clients who are not able to come in for an in-person colour analysis session. An online analysis session is done via photos and a color questionnaire. A virtual color analysis session:


  • Determines your best palette of colour for clothing, makeup, hair color, jewelry and accessories
  • Includes a detailed written report of your colour analysis results sent via email
  • Includes a $10.00 off discount on the purchase of your seasonal color swatch book

$50.00 CAD (inclusive of HST)

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Colour Analysis Consultation – Group Session

Share the fun of discovering your best colours with your friends, or family. When you book a group session for two or more people, each person in your group will receive:


  • A one-on-one color analysis session to identify their top colours
  • A color swatch book for their season
  • Personalized recommendations for makeup, hair colours, clothing, jewelry and accessories

Reduced pricing on the analysis for each person in the group:

Group of 2 (inclusive of HST), $160.00 CAD – per person

Group of 3 (inclusive of HST),$150.00 CAD per person (inclusive of HST)

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