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Portrait cool tone

So happy to have the guesswork finally taken out of makeup and fashion choices. Thank you so much Jelena for my fab online consult!

Virginia Bowers, Actress and Model

“A terrific way to know your purchases are correct”

I had my colors analyzed with Jelena, and for the first time ever, I feel confident that everything will work. She has truly underscored my belief in the importance of color analysis, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to know themselves better, and who wants a terrific way to ensure that their purchases are correct in both cosmetics and clothing. Everything will flow.

Debra, Ontario

“Know exactly which colours are your personal best”

I’m so excited! I recently had my colours done with Jelena and I’m a Clear Winter. I’ve known for a long time that I’m a Winter being able to wear bright jewel tones, but I didn’t know what type of Winter and how warm I could go until Jelena pointed it out. Jelena was very professional, kind, and thorough. She spent over 2 and 1/2 hours explaining and going over the drape colours. The system she uses is much more exacting than other systems I’ve read about. In this system there are seasonal categories but, it pinpoints exactly which colours are your own unique best. Nobody is exactly alike, so if you happen to lean slightly into another category you don’t have to miss out on the extra colours you could be enjoying. You can know exactly which colours are your personal best and she will send you home with a custom matched swatch book. I highly recommend seeing Jelena. So glad to meet you Jelena and thank you so much!

Kim, Ontario

I”I felt very confident in her decision”

I had my colour analysis with Jelena and it was a great experience. She explained the process thoroughly and had a good sense of what would work best for me. The fan I was given had personalized colours and Jelena sent me information about the best way to wear my chosen season. I felt very confident in her decision of the season she chose for me. I had been to two other colour analysis and had felt that the results were not working. This time I feel certain I have the best result. Thank you Jelena!​

Janet, Ontario

Jelena was fantastic, she answered all my questions and provided a lot of information I did not think to ask. I cannot wait to get my warm autumn palette!

Heather, USA (online analysis client)

“New found confidence and understanding”

My experience with Jelena provided me with a new found confidence and appreciation for the world of personalized colour theory draping. I have been draped twice before, but each time. I felt something or some part of the palette was ‘off’. Both precious times, I was draped as a ‘true autumn’, but Jelena saw what the others didn’t – I was in fact a WARM Autumn. She took the time to go over each and every drape from ‘all’ of the 16 seasons and really explained to me what was happening to my face as each colour was draped around me. The other analysts that I had seen, although leaning in the right autumn direction, didn’t provide me with the explanation I needed to understand my palette. I just wanted to personally thank Jelena for being so kind, authentic, truthful and helpful during the draping. If you live in or around Ontario (especially the GTA, Niagara or even if you’re near the Buffalo U.S./Canada Border), I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend going to see Jelena to get your colours done – she is truly amazing and a GIFTED colour analyst!!! Thank you once again Jelena!!!​​

Renata, Ontario

Jelena is very kind and professional. Her True Winter analysis was very precise, and she answered all my questions thoroughly. I really recommend her service if you want to discover your best colours.

Federica, Italy (online analysis client)

Jelena opened my eyes to the uses of colours and shades; how quickly a flux in colour can even your skin tone or make my eye really stand out. I would recommend this amazing consultation to anyone who is willing to learn more about what makes them look great! I give Jelena and her abilities two giant thumbs up! Forever thankful!

Adriana, Ontario

Jelena was a pleasure to work with, and she really went above and beyond to help find the right colour match. Her fan colours are very lovely. The custom fan she made for me is so nice, I am really enjoying it. I recommend her. She will work with you to get you what you need. Thanks again Jelena.

Deb, Alberta (online analysis client)

“Thanks, Jelena for bringing excitement to my closet!”

I completed a colour analysis session with Jelena about two weeks ago and I had a great experience with the entire process. Jelena explained the colour analysis technique very well and when it was time to try on the colours, she carefully noted all the results and provided excellent judgment on the colour compatibility with my skin tone. I must say that before this, I was not normally very adventurous with trying out colourful wardrobes. Truthfully, it was mainly my laziness in matching clothes every morning for work. My “go to” shade was either black or white, perhaps grey at times. Let me say that I’m no longer this boring black and white person after an appointment with Jelena. I immediately felt inspired to try out the colours in the custom made palette that she created for me! Thanks, Jelena for bringing excitement to my closet! I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it.

Ryda, Ontario

Jelena is wonderful and really has helped me to find my palette. I like how the true and warm springs are split. This has made a huge difference for me!

Julie, USA (online analysis client)

Jelena was very professional and helpful with our colour session. She has many colours available in a massively detailed and selected colour wheel. The room’s atmosphere was very relaxing with proper lighting and open space. I would recommend.

Jacqueline, Ontario

If you are thinking of doing this I just want you to know that I just had it done and I love it! She even gave me some hair and make-up tips. Now I feel more confident picking out clothing and make up colors. She showed me the difference color can make against my face… use all the products you want, but having the correct color does wonders.​

Karen, USA (online analysis client)

Several years back I had a colour analysis done. That was well before the new 16 classification seasonal colour analysis became popular. After coming across Jelena’s Unique to You Colour Analysis on Google, I was excited about the idea of having it done again. Better yet, she lived within range of my home. Getting it done in person turned out to be a very fun and positive experience. Therefore my experience was an in-person consultation as opposed to her popular online analysis. I was impressed with her prompt replies to my inquires as well. Great communication! Jelena was very welcoming! Her colour consultation room is set up perfectly with proper lighting to complete the process. Jelena took the time to go through the colours several times to make sure there was no doubt as to my season, (which turns out to be true spring with clear spring as secondary.) She customized my colours into two nice colour swatch palettes in durable plastic on a key ring which is easy to carry wherever I go. I would recommend Jelena to anyone who is interested in going through the colour consultation process.​​

Kathryn, Ontario.

Words cannot express how truly happy I am with the online color consultation that Jelena did for me! She went above and beyond and is truly all about the details! She is trained in her craft and truly showed me step by step, through careful explanation not just “why” but “how” she arrived at her placing me in the Cool Summer season. She took so many factors into account; coloring, overtones, undertones, and eye pattern before arriving at her conclusion. Truly amazing to read her detailed analysis! I trust her expertise and quickly ordered a Cool Summer fan from her and cannot wait to take it shopping. I speak to the public for a living and now I am truly confident that I will be putting my best foot forward! Thank you Jelena!​​

Shady, USA (online analysis client)