Q: Do you feel eye colour is a determining factor in colour analysis?

A: I evaluate eye colour when I do colour analysis, however, the primary determining factor in what palette will work the best ultimately comes down to the skin tone reactions that are produced in someone’s skin in conjunction with the various season palettes. Eye color tends to be more of a secondary analysis variable, (along with other factors such as hair tone and depth, and skin type in determine someone’s season).

Q: What is the best hair colour for Warm Spring?

A: The best hair colours for Warm Spring will include dark golden blonde, dark copper blonde, strawberry blonde, light red, light copper, light golden brown, light copper brown, light auburn, and medium golden brown,The full range of Warm seasons hair colour starts at medium blonde at lightest, and goes to medium-dark brown at darkest, although most Warm Springs do best in the dark blonde’light brown range.

There are two general points to consider for this Warm season hair and they include consideration of undertone and contrast. In order for an added colour to work optimally, it needs to have visible warmth in it (ie red or gold tones). Sometimes even a neutral toned colour can be draining on this person and anything ashy or cool-toned should definitely be avoided. Secondly, it’s best to keep the contrast between the skin and hair medium or low and this also applies to highlights. Keep the colour variations medium to low contrast and avoid anything too high contrast and stripey.

The Warm Spring swatch book has a large array of golden brown and beige tones in it and these particular swatches can be used for selecting hair colors in addition to clothing and cosmetics.

Q: What season is Mark Zuckerberg?

A: Warm Spring or Warm Autumn. I could really make a case for either. He has the lightness of Spring and the mutendess of Autumn, and overt warmth in his colouring. These are some of the typical characteristics of a Warm season (or an Autumn/Spring blend coloring).

In addition to distinct warm tones in the hair, Warm season person will often also have a distinctive a matte, opaque, and textured quality to their skin. The matte and textured quality is more common in Warm Autumns, while the Warm Springs will have all of the above qualities, but with more translucency and transparency to their skin and more clarity in the eye colour.

The skin of Warm seasons can be light, but is usually not super fair, and will often have lots of warm freckles . The skin colour often resembles the color of light oatmeal, tan, or cream

Q: Is it common for family members to be in the same season?

A: In about 45% percent of cases, direct relatives will be a variations of the same season. (For example,a Deep Autumn and a Soft Autumn.) In the remaining percentage of cases, three scenarios come up in various degrees: The relatives will be the same season, the relatives will be similar, but different seasons (ie Deep Autumn and Deep Winter) or the relatives will be unrelated seasons (ie Warm Autumn and Cool Summer)

Q: Please let me know what kind of services you provide, and how much do they cost, and how to start.

A: For distance clients, I offer the online analysis consultation which is the online version of the consults that I do in person. The online consultations are done through photos and a questionnaire. I generally ask clients for a minimum of 2-3 photos taken in natural, daylight lighting along with one close up photos showing their eyes. Beyond, that clients can send more photos if they wish.

In addition, to the photos, I also ask clients to complete a short questionnaire that allows me to get extra details about their coloring that are relevant to their season. Once I have all of the information, I would get back to them with the results.

The fee for the consult is $50.00 (Canadian). With the online analysis, there is also a $10.00 off discount included towards the purchase of a swatch book if the client opts to purchase one afterwards, and a 10% off client discount towards any additional purchases on my online store.I pre-book my online consultations in the same way that I book the in-person consultations and I would usually get back to the client with their results on that same day that their appointment is booked if they provide me with the photos and completed questionnaire in advance of the appointment.. As of now, my earliest availability for on an online analysis appointment are in the week of February 18th.

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