Q: I seem to be seeing cobalt blue everywhere in the shops where I live. It’s not in my Cool Summer palette, but it’s a colour I’ve always really liked. Is there a way to wear cobalt as a cool summer without being overwhelmed by it?

A: Cobalt can work reasonably well for Cool Summers . I would recommend pairing it with the neutral or lighter colours in the Cool Summer palette to soften the look, or wearing it in tops with a more open neckline. This tends to diffuse the color a bit. I would also recommend not pairing with with black or other very clear or dark colours as the look has the potential to be a bit too strong for a Cool Summer

Q :Can you please help me to understand the difference between Warm and True Spring? Does a Warm Spring have more golden/yellow undertone than a True one?

A: They both have a yellow undertone, but the Warm Spring person is a bit more muted and soft in their coloring and less clear the the True Spring. The Warm Spring is the type of Spring who can usually wear some Autumnal colours well (such as rust, mustard yellow, and some lighter olives). Out of the Spring types, they are the ones that will most often have both freckles and dominant red tones in the hair (ie strawberry blonde or light red hair. (on occasion, a person with strawberry blonde or light red hair can also be a Warm Autumn). The True Spring will also have warm toned hair but it will often be less red and more golden. The skin of the True Springs tends to be a a light clear yellow-toned ivory, light peach, or a medium clear caramel tan color.

Q: Can you tell me the difference between the True and Cool Summer please? I assumed that they are one and the same thing.

A: Both palettes are completely cool toned, however the True summer palette is a bit lighter and more muted. Generally, a person who falls into the True Summer season will have dark ash blonde to medium ash-brown hair , a cool, and muted eye color and a completely cool skin tone. In contrast, the Cool Summer palette is comprised of soft jeweltones and is also darker then the True Summer palette.. It tends to work best for those people who are higher contrast in their colouring (such as those with medium ash brown or darker hair).

The True and Cool Summer palettes are designations in the 16 season colour system that I use whereas the Sci-Art/12 Tones system only has a single True Summer category. Those who have been typed as a True Summer in a 12 tones system would mostly likely either be True or Cool summers in the system that I work with.

Q: What hair colours would work best for a True Winter?

A: Cool, medium-dark brown, dark brown, and black hair will work best for True Winter. For True Winter, it’s best to stay as close to natural as possible in terms of depth. Avoid lightening your hair too much or adding excess warm tones in your hair. You will need to maintain contrast between your skin and hair, however, if you choose to grow out you hair to white, it can look striking with your palette.

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